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Rema-Tech C320

C 320 WHITE: The Cold Vulcanizing Food Grade Adhesive

Complies with the regulations for application in the food processing industry and offers all advantages of SC-2000 black, also in other areas where food grade adhesive material is specified.

Bonding of REMA TIP TOP food grade rubber in compliance with the German Health and Safety Administration

Optimum adhesion with white REMA TIP TOP food grade rubber and CN Bonding Layer

Ideal for rubber lining in the food processing, animal food and detergent industries

Conforms to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration -

FDA Regulation No. 21 175.105 Indirect Food Additives: Adhesives

C-320 white is used with UT-R20 Hardener

    Rema-Tech SC2000

SC-2000: The Universal Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive
Widely recognized as the world’s finest cold vulcanizing cement, the REMA TIP TOP highly versatile and non-flammable SC 2000 is ideal for conveyor belt splicing, repairing and all types of rubber fabrication, above and underground. When bonding rubber to metal, rubber to rubber or rubber to fabric, SC 2000 provides the highest bonding strength available today.

• Excellent initial and final bonding strength (Even at low temperatures)
• Optimum adhesion when bonding REMA TIP TOP rubber with CN Bonding Layer
• Extremely long shelf life: 4 years under storing conditions in accordance with DIN 7716
• Available in Pints, Quarts, Gallons & Drums
• SC 2000 is used with UT-R20 Hardener & #13 cleaning solvent


  Rema-Tech Plastic Cement

REMA Tip Top PVC adhesive was specially developed as a solution to your PVC & Urethane bonding problems without the need of heat or special equipment.

Plastic Cement
REMA TIP TOP PVC cement is a room temperature curing system developed from a special multipurpose compound that yield strong bonds to PVC, vinyl, urethanes, and other synthetic materials by way of the UTR-20 Hardener & #50 Solvent. REMA TIP TOP PVC cement has exceptional moisture and oil resistance, and good flexibility. REMA TIP TOP PVC cement is used in the cold splicing (lap & bevel method), repair, and fabrication of PVC belting and bonding of PVC cleats to PVC belting

Hybond 80 Plus

Premium grade adhesive for onsite brush or roller application. Meets CPSC safety flammability requirements. Higher film build and longer dry time allow for flexibility in contractor work schedules.

Provides 175 sq .ft. per gallon coverage

Ready to bond in 20 minutes

Flammable - flash point of 20 degrees F.

120 minute open time

Hybond 80 Plus

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